Creativity or Motivation...

I'm not feeling either of these things lately. We have had a lot going on in our lives and many changes coming along this month. I think this is what has taken my creativity and motivation away. An online friend, Stacy, sent me a huge box of papers, stamped images, envelopes, and embellishments last week. It was amazing what all she sent and I just cannot find the motivation to go play with any of the goodies. I know they both have to be here somewhere. Posts on here will be few and far between while I look for them. Sorry!


  1. Oh Suzanne I hope things start looking up for you soon. I've been thinking about you. Sending you hugs.

    Oh and go look for that box :)

  2. I hope your motivation comes calling soon. I know how quickly a case of the blahs can take control of your life and bring you down. I'm wishing brightness, happiness, and creativity for you my friend.


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