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Merry Christmas Everyone!

A Charlie Brown Christmas has always been a favorite Christmas show for both hubby & myself and now our children love it too. And this part with Linus explaining the true meaning of Christmas is my absolute favorite part of the whole thing. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and every one of you!


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We have been given so many blessing this year and I am very grateful for each and everyone one of them.

1. God's many blessings
2. Good Health
3. Great Kids (even if we do want to kill them every now and then)
4. Safe, warm, dry home
5. A hard working hubby so that I can stay at home and take care of our children & home
6. Family near and far

And many more that I have not mentioned here but I think y'all get the drift.

Deep Breaths and Lots of Prayers

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Today is our first day of home schooling. We made the decision during the last school year that we would try home schooling with our youngest. He has ADHD and has been on medication for it since he was 4. Unfortunately his ADHD is so bad that this is the only way he would be able to get through a school day without completely disrupting the whole classroom.
This last year of school was particularly rough with him because he is at an age where he is really noticing the differences in all the other kids. He started complaining about not wanting to take his meds any longer because they made him sad and depressed all day long. And he wasn't just being difficult or melodramatic because we could see this happening every year after he was off of it for the summer.

We made the decision to use the K-12 program. Which is in it's second year here in our state as part of the public school system. All of the books & most of the science supplies are provided free of charge …

Last Day of School & Teacher Thank You...

Today is the last day of school for M and I pray that it ends up being a good day for him. Next year we will be doing the home school thing for 5th grade; well actually they call it virtual school. We have signed up for school through the K12 program. Last year was the first year for this program in our state. M is very nervous about home school and missing his friends next year.

Each year I tried to give the teacher a small thank you for all the work that they do with M. He can be a difficult child to teach due to the severity of his ADHD. This idea was on Pinterest and I decided it was a perfect end of the year gift. You can find the instructions and the printable on eighteen25blog. It was super simple to make. The only I did different from their instructions was to print the image out onto white cardstock and then cut around it leaving a 1/4-inch border.

I also think that this would make a fabulous thank you gift idea for anyone not just for teachers.

Live to be 100?!

I have just finished reading The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. The author with a team of doctors and demographers searched the world for the areas with the largest number of centenarians and came up with 4 places. These places are Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma Linda, California; and the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Their findings seem to lean towards a few necessary and healthy lifestyle choices. The author gives you 9 life lessons to follow in order to make your own blue zone.

But here is my take away from all that I read:

1. Eat mostly vegetables & fruits with a minimal amount of meat consumed (meat only 1 or 2 days a week) or in the case of those centenarians in California a strict vegetarian diet.
2. Family first and spending time with friends for a sense of community.
3. A strong faith and religious belief. It doesn't matter what your religion.
4. Staying active - Lots of physical movement, particularly walking or just normal everyday hard work.
5. Sunshine! At le…

I'm Learning How to Quilt