Last Day of School & Teacher Thank You...

Today is the last day of school for M and I pray that it ends up being a good day for him. Next year we will be doing the home school thing for 5th grade; well actually they call it virtual school. We have signed up for school through the K12 program. Last year was the first year for this program in our state. M is very nervous about home school and missing his friends next year.

Each year I tried to give the teacher a small thank you for all the work that they do with M. He can be a difficult child to teach due to the severity of his ADHD. This idea was on Pinterest and I decided it was a perfect end of the year gift. You can find the instructions and the printable on eighteen25blog. It was super simple to make. The only I did different from their instructions was to print the image out onto white cardstock and then cut around it leaving a 1/4-inch border.

I also think that this would make a fabulous thank you gift idea for anyone not just for teachers.


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