Deep Breaths and Lots of Prayers

Today is our first day of home schooling. We made the decision during the last school year that we would try home schooling with our youngest. He has ADHD and has been on medication for it since he was 4. Unfortunately his ADHD is so bad that this is the only way he would be able to get through a school day without completely disrupting the whole classroom.

This last year of school was particularly rough with him because he is at an age where he is really noticing the differences in all the other kids. He started complaining about not wanting to take his meds any longer because they made him sad and depressed all day long. And he wasn't just being difficult or melodramatic because we could see this happening every year after he was off of it for the summer.

We made the decision to use the K-12 program. Which is in it's second year here in our state as part of the public school system. All of the books & most of the science supplies are provided free of charge and appears to be a good program. There are lots of books & lesson for the school year.

I am scared to death!! We are going to attempt this without medication and see what happens. I don't want to mess anything up when it comes to my children's education. If today is any indication what our school year is going to be like I may not survive it. We are going to be need a lot of deep breaths and a whole lot of prayers to make it through the school year.