Bic Soleil Savvy Razor Review

About a month or so ago I received a package of the Bic Soleil Savvy razors to try for a survey. I thought I would share here my feelings about this product but I wanted to use them for a bit before doing so. What you will get with these is 1 disposable handle and 4 cartridges. There are no cartridges sold separately for this razor. After you have used all 4 cartridges you just throw out the handle.

I do like these razors but I cannot say that they are any better at removing hair than any of the other 3-blade razors available. My feelings are that as long as the blade count is the same there really isn't a huge difference between brands other than maybe cost. I also did not seem to get nicks or cuts like I have with some other razors that I have purchased over the years and definitely have not noticed any irritation when using them either.

I also like that instead of 4 disposable handles there is only the one so that will reduce some of the trash going to the landfill. And I don't know about anyone else but I find that refillable handles seem to get gunky & gross after a while and there are too many grooves to try and clean them to my satisfaction so this definitely appeals to my OCD side for cleanliness.

Lets talk money now since that is one of my things to work on this year. According to Bic's website & the facts sheet I received these will cost about $7.49 but I did see them online for $6.97. You can definitely find packages of disposable razors for cheaper but this maybe a case of you get what you pay for. While I have purchased cheaper razors they seem to dull much faster than the ones I pay a little more to purchase. So I will end this with saying that the Bic Soleil Savvy are definitely on my purchase list for when I find them on sale or when I can find a coupon to purchase them because they work so well.