Home Schooling Part Zwei (Two)

So we have made the decision to try another year of home schooling with our youngest child. This is our extremely ADHD child who at 8 looked at us and said "I don't want to take my focus pills anymore because they make me feel sad ALL the time". What do you say to your child when they come to you in a very reasonable manner and state very clearly why they want to stop taking medication? Well in our case we said if you stop taking them you will have to do school at home because you cannot be in a classroom causing disruptions of other children. And that is what we did last year.

It definitely wasn't an easy decision for any of us. Him because he had to leave behind all of his friends and me because I knew that I was going to be at home with him ALL the time. Trust me when I tell you that being with someone who cannot sit still and cannot stop talking all day every day can be VERY tiring. But let me tell you what we did get...a kid who is funny and very animated when he tells you about something, a kid think clearly and LAUGH and SMILE many times a day!!

So here we are getting ready to start year 2 of home schooling. I will be teaching my child 6th grade school work. It has been a LONG time since 6th grade for this girl and I discovered last year that I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader so I can only image what this year is going to bring.

I think I have finally decided on what our curriculum for this school year will be after much research and hand wringing.

MATH: Teaching Textbook 7
LANGUAGE ARTS: Analytical Grammar, Wordly Wise 6, ESP Writing Skills (writing, cursive writing for left handed, and keyboarding skills)
SCIENCE: Holt Science - Physical Science
HISTORY: Harcourt Horizons - World History
FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Rosetta Stone German


  1. Hi Suzanne! I saw your post in the SITS Girls forums... I am a mature blogging Mommy myself - I have six years on you!! I look forward to getting to know you on SITS as well as on our blogs.

    I am having such fun during SITSSummer!

    1. Hi Julie! Can't believe I didn't see this comment until now. Getting back into a new school year has been kicking my behind. Can't wait to check out your blog!!


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