Summer Lovin'

Here we are at the end of summer already. It's going way too fast! This has been a summer of unusual weather and lots of craziness and laziness and even a little travel involved. I thought I would share several things that I/we have been enjoying this summer. So here they are in no particular order:

J.Crew Chino Shorts
Source: J. Crew

The J.Crew Chino shorts with the 7 inch inseam are the perfect length for me. I know there are many who have been wearing them for years but this is my first time and I am thrilled! The fit is great and unlike all the other companies you get more than 2 length choices and the choice of colors is great too. I bought all of the colors above and I will definitely be sure to check out the new colors each year to add to my summer wardrobe.

Customer Service Praise:
I also want to add praise for the J.Crew online customer service too. When I originally ordered my shorts I did so after trying on the 5 inch inseam style in the store and since they seemed snug I went one size up. It was only 2 weeks before my trip that they arrived and I discovered they were too big. I was in a panic about not having any shorts to take to Florida with me. The customer service informed me it would take two weeks to get a reorder.

I explained to Samantha (the customer service rep) that I was leaving for a trip in just over a week and not only did she place my reorder matching the original sale price that I paid but she also gave me 3 day shipping at no extra cost to make sure that I received them in time. I was shocked that she went to so much trouble to help me out when most companies would have just said "I'm sorry all I can do is place the reorder and maybe they will get there in time". Needless to say that I will definitely do more shopping at after getting such good customer service.

Vintage V-neck Tees

This has been my standard summer look this year. I know not very exciting but cool & comfortable. I love a good v-neck tee any other neckline make me crazy when it touches my neck. I know...I have issues let's just over look those shall we. The ones I've been wearing this summer are the Mossimo Supply Co Textured tee from Target and Women's Vintage tee from Old Navy. They have a vintage look to them, there are many colors to choose from and they are very comfortable. I wear them with shorts, jeans, skirts, etc.

Nail Polish

I keep my toenails painted year around so I guess this really isn't a summer lovin' item but I have found a couple of new favorite colors for summertime. OPI Purple with a Purpose - purple with a bit of shimmer (you know the Ace Hardware paint commercial where the woman says I want a purple but not a purple more like a purrrple...well this is it!) and OPI Teal the Cows Come Home - metallic teal blue.

Body Butter

I have been using the Body Shop brand on my feet. So far I've tried the Coconut, Mango, and Chocomania. They all smell so scrumptious and almost edible. It also seems to be very moisturizing if you have really dry skin. I have not tried it anywhere other than my feet because these are very fragrant so I don't want it on my hands all the time and I don't like heavy moisturizers on my body. My feet are so dry and regular lotion does not do anything for them so I do need the extra moisture on them.

Summer Television

Source: USA Network

Hubby and I have been watching this since the pilot episode; unfortunately I think there is only 2 episodes left. We are loving it and hate to see it come to an end. It is full of intrigue and suspicion and all kinds of unexpected twists & turns. We are really hoping that this isn't a one season show.

What have been your summer loves?