Lack of Style and Why

After moving to Georgia I gained some a lot of weight. Sixty pounds worth and on my 5'6" medium-build frame that is a huge amount. It didn't give me a lot of choices for cute and stylish clothes. I started wearing pant suits...PANT SUITS!?! Stuff that only a grandmother might wear. What was I thinking!?! It was not pretty and what's worth is NO one stopped me from doing it!

I have been trying off and on for the last 2 years to find  me again. Unfortunately at 45 it is not an easy thing to do because there are so many things that I can no longer wear because I am too mature for them.

 Four Thousand, Four Hundred Seventy-One (4471) days - that is approximately how many days I have missed out on wearing cute & stylist clothes. Why you might ask? I have no idea. Well something happened 15 years ago when we moved from Virginia  to Georgia. I wish I knew what it was that happened but to this day I have no clue why this happened.

I am trying to figure out what my style is and have started working on leaning how to dress myself after a lot of years  in sweat & yoga pants.


Must Read Monday: Elemental Mysteries Book series

A friend of mine (thanks Janice!) recently recommended this series of books from Elizabeth Hunter. I LOVED them all! Yes they are about vampires so if you don't like the paranormal genre then these are not for you. I am one of those book lovers that will read any genre, well any except sci-fi. There is a whole lot of vampire love and a little mystery in these. Each of the characters in this series just grabs hold of you and draws you in to the story. Once I got started with each one of them I could not put them down. They are each available in paperback and on Kindle as well as on Nook.

Book 1: A Hidden Fire is the first in the series and is free for Kindle right now. Giovanni a 500 year old vampire meets Beatrice the 21 year old college student/library worker. They quickly become enchanted with one another but Giovanni pulls back and disappears because he believes that she needs to live her life before being tied down to his life.

You will learn about B's father and how she thought he was dead. You will meet Tenzin and Carwyn who are Gio's oldest friends. Carwyn always makes me smile.

Yes it does sound similar to Twilight but I promise that this story is so much better. I love that even though B is drawn to Gio she does not turn into some simpering idiot who immediately wants to be turned.

Book 2: This Same Earth tells how Beatrice was able to move on with life and find someone to love after she moves to CA with the exception of Gio sending her plane tickets to his home in South America once a year. Even though for 5 years she does not see him, he draws her back to his home every year.

When he finally appears after 5 years B is pissed and it takes a lot o work Gio's part for her to forgive him and fall in love all over again. You learn about Lorenzo who is Gio's "son".

As with the first book I really like that B didn't just fall into Giovanni's arms like nothing ever happened. She was strong and with a mind of her own. She made him work for her love and affections.

Book 3: The Force of Wind takes place in China and in it you will read about how Gio and B along Tenzin and Baojia search for B's father Stephen and the mystery surrounding him and one of Gio's books from his sires library.

This is where Beatrice is finally turned into a vampire and you find out what happens with her father. Along with more about Lorenzo.

Book 4: A Fall of Water takes place in Rome and has many twists to the story but it was the perfect way to end this series about Giovanni and Beatrice's love.