Firmoo Review

Recently I was contacted by Firmoo and asked to do a review of their glasses. Thankfully I still have 20/20 vision so I was able to choose sunglasses in place of the regular glasses. I received the sunglasses last week when we unfortunately had rain & snow so I wasn't able to try them in actual sunlight until this past week.

Ordering was simple and considering that they shipped from overseas they arrived surprising fast. There are lots of styles to choose from and new customers can receive their first pair for shipping only.

They have sunglasses and prescription glasses which you can also have turned into sunglasses. You can choose your lens color and the amount of tint that you want applied.

Everything arrived in good condition. In addition to the sunglasses I also received a nice hard case, a soft pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a screwdriver key ring with extra screws. In my opinion the hard case is just as nice as the hard case that came with my expensive sunglasses.

The glasses seem to be of good quality and fit well but I've only had them a little while so I can't tell you how well they hold up yet. I chose the brown tint at 80% because I like my sunglasses to be very dark. The only thing I don't like about the ones I received is that the lenses are not polarized and they change the color of what you are seeing. My expensive sunglasses are polarized and so they do not change the colors of everything & have a little less distortion in different areas of the lens.

These will be a great pair to have as an extra pair to keep in my hubby's car. If you are on a budget or want to have several different pairs in different styles or colors these would be a good budget option. Check out the information about getting your first pair for shipping only at Firmoo.


Friendships or Lack Thereof

Today I took a few minutes in the reading room (also known as the master bathroom in my house) to read the newest Redbook magazine. The article about Kellie Pickler shaving her head made me sad. If you haven't read it you can find it here - What Kellie Pickler Learned From Being Bald.

And it wasn't that she shaved her head or even the reason for why that made me sad. Yes I know she isn't the first person to do something like this for a friend but it is still such a sweet gesture. This story made me have to face again that I have no one that would drop everything for me or that would love me enough to go to this kind of extreme gesture of love and kindness. 

I'm sure that my friends care about me but never in my life have I felt the kind of friendship that I hear others speak of when they talk about their BFF. I have definitely tried to find that one special girlfriend and at the age of 45 I cannot think of one person that I could call and know that they would drop everything for me. What exactly does that say about me as a person?

Not sure if I should take it as a sign that after reading that article I happened to have the Katie Couric show on (not a show I normally watch) and her whole show was talking about friendships.  It just added to the sad thoughts about this subject and how it is something that I am very much lacking in my life.

As with normal life I grew away from my school friendships after graduation and moving away from my hometown. Although we have reconnected with one another after many years thanks to Facebook. I didn't attend college so I don't have those friendships that most people obtain that tend to last a lifetime. And with the many moves that I have made over the years being married to a military man it hasn't afforded me time to nurture friendships the way they need. I have people here locally that I consider friends but not any that I would call a best friend or that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I could count on no matter what comes along in my life. My online friends are great to chat with but it isn't the same as being able to do lunch or go shopping with your BFF.

At this time in my life I am really craving that kind of relationship and I'm not sure even how to begin to find it and make it happen.  So how do I go about changing this and finding that one person to have in my life?