Anniversary Gift Ideas - 22 years

Today hubby and I have been married for 22 years. Were on earth has the time gone?! It seems like yesterday that we were just starting our life together. Every year I have the same problem of not knowing what to get for hubby because he will never give me any ideas when I ask and I can never think of anything  in that moment when he asks me. Any other day I would come up with a million ideas until he actually asks me. Are we the only ones who suffer with brain freeze trying to come up with ideas?

According to Hallmark the theme for the 22nd year anniversary is water. This is a fitting theme for us since we met on Yorktown beach 24 years ago.

If you are on a budget:

  • An afternoon date with your spouse to the aquarium. You can search for aquariums and zoos near you at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • Tabletop fountain if they have a big enough office space. There are so many different sizes, styles, and price points that the options are endless

Tabletop Fountains

If you are in a position to splurge:

  • a trip to a favorite beach or lake
  • a dinner date and cruise on a riverboat
  • a cruise

If you are shopping for another couple:

  • drinking glasses or water bottles if they are active
  • tabletop fountain would work for this too

His and Hers Pilsner glasses
Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail glasses
Pyrex Glass Beakers