The 70273 Project

I'm not sure where I came across this project but the bookmark has been sitting here on my bookmark bar for a while now taunting me and I finally had to get a couple of blocks made to send to them in honor of the little girl I grew up next door to named Gloria. While she would never develop mentally beyond that of an infant or a toddler she was the most happy and loving little girl I knew.

Between 1940 and 1941 the Germans murdered 70273 mentally and physically disabled people.

Author Jeanne Hewell-Chambers was watching the documentary Auschwitz: The Nazis & 'The Final Solution' and it placed on her heart to do something to commemorate these lost souls who were put to death because they did not match what the Germans considered their idea of the "master race". And so the 70273 Project was born.

The project is collecting 70273 quilt blocks made out of white fabric with 2 red x's place on it. The x's represent the marks placed by the physicians upon the files of each of those killed they deemed "unfit" to live. The goal is to turn these quilt blocks into quilts that can be shared around the world. Even if you are not a quilter you can still help Jeanne meet her project goal. The x's can be embroidered on the white square or you can hand stitch a couple of pieces of ribbon or even use red fabric paint and paint them on the blocks. For these I used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut out the x's and then just sewed them on with my sewing machine. It was so quick and easy to do.

For more information on how you can help with this project check out the thoughtfully asked questions about it here